A Christ-Centered Community

About Us

Executive Director Jim Grycza


Helping Others Help Themselves

  Human beings are very resourceful, but sometimes we need some encouragement 

or direction.  Some bad decisions lead people astray, and sometimes picking yourself back up from those bad decisions is harder than you think.  

We have a passion for those who want a better life and are willing to work towards it.  We walk with people and our business partners to help develop new skills, positive thinking, and locate jobs that can create a new start in life.

Our Focus



 We work with people who want a better life and we show them how to succeed.   Those willing to work towards a new life will find encouragement, coaching, mentoring and support.  Kingdom Connections provides relationships with someone who genuinely cares about helping people grow, learn and succeed.  Would you like to talk to us about starting a new future?


Business Partnerships

We are always looking for businesses that are willing to work with us to create pathways to resources, jobs and education.  Become a business partner.  We can provide trainable, dedicated employees who are willing to learn and work hard.  Contact us to see how you can invest in the success of others.


Education and Employment

 We match interests and aptitude to possible careers. Then we identify the correct training needed, help people get the education required, and provide life coaching to people needing mentoring.  Our goal is to help all achieve success that includes long term living wage employment and dedicated employees.