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The roadblocks for people with limited education and funds or for those just released from prison, can be like climbing a very high and daunting mountain.  Individuals that we work with may not have the education, skills or experience needed to obtain a living wage job that will last. Prospective employers may not want to take a chance by hiring someone with a criminal record, limited education, or who lack job skills.  If a person has a past felony conviction, they may not even have a chance at an interview regardless of skills or education. 

At Kingdom Connections of Greater Dayton, we create pathways to overcome employment obstacles, education barriers, and negative stigmas. 

We work with people who want a better life and we show them how to succeed. We work with businesses who want to take a chance on them to minimize their risk.  We investigate possible careers, identify the correct training needed, help people get the education required, provide life coaching to people needing mentoring, and help all achieve success that includes long term living wage employment.  

Our goal is long term success for every client! 


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Kingdom Connections of Greater Dayton

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